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Another study of kids getting dumb and dumber with fluoride!

A new pilot study of Chinese children concludes that the study…

“…supports the notion that fluoride in drinking water may produce developmental neurotoxicity, and that the dose-dependence underlying this relationship needs to be characterized in detail.”

51 children were used in the study and the researchers used the fluoride concentration in morning urine after an exposure-free night; fluoride in well-water source; plus dental fluorosis status as indices of past fluoride exposure.

They then used age-appropriate, relatively culture-independent cognitive tests. The children’s lifetime exposures to fluoride from drinking water covered the full range allowed in the US, and the results showed that even those with the mildest forms of fluorosis displayed lower performance on some neuropsychological tests. This observation runs contrary to popular wisdom that the enamel effects represent a cosmetic problem only and not a sign of toxicity.

I should add that there’s another problem facing people making choices to invest in a fluoride removing water filter. There are now water jugs being sold with UP TO 99% of fluoride removed on the box. Have a think about it. UP TO?

We spent a lot of money with a University test lab report to determine the amount fo fluoride removed over the expected life of the filter. That means as long as you use it. If this ISN’T on the box, and in its place one of these ‘UP TO’ claims, beware. It’s like those clothes shops that entice you in for a sale offering UP TO 50% off.

And.. there’s also a bit of a fear campaign about the methods of fluoride reduction. There are basically four methods: Reverse Osmosis, bone char, Zeolite and activated alumina. Some suppliers are creating a fear campaign over the last one, AA, incorrectly claiming it is aluminium. In the UltraStream/” title=”UltraStream”>UltraStream/” title=”UltraStream”>UltraStream/” target=”_blank”>UltraStream we use an NSF approved AA that is guaranteed not to add any aluminium. Not only that, the AA layer comes before the patented KDF layer which neutralises any heavy metal that may be in the water. We’re so sure of it that we submitted it for safety tests in the rigid EU where it passed with flying colours.

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