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What happens if you drink ten Cokes a day? Drinking sugar: an experiment.

“Here’s what I plan to do:  I’m going to follow my normal diet and activity program, but I’m going to make one simple change: I’m also going to drink ten Cokes a day.

I got a complete physical before I began, so I’ll know where my my numbers are for blood sugar, inflammation levels, cholesterol, etc, and I also am going to be testing myself daily and charting the changes. I’m going to test and chart my weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, and, with a glucose monitor, my fasting blood glucose levels every morning.

I plan to do this for 30 days. I’ll probably try and finish my Coke consumption by late afternoon so that I don’t get sleep issues from the caffeine. I reserve the right to have Cherry Coke, just to break up the monotony, but I won’t be switching to Diet. That would sort of ruin the whole point.

My expectations? Weight gain, for one thing, but I don’t really know.”

Ian: Crrrazy!

you have to take your hat off to him for perseverance. Take a look.

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