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Studies and Reports

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Molecular Hydrogen Studies

Molecular Hydrogen Studies The Molecular Hydrogen Institute has published Scientific Studies and Articles on the benefits of molecular hydrogen (Molecular Hydrogen Institute)  Scientific Studies Miscellaneous Bones Brain Cancer Eye and Ear Heart Huma...
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Report – 5 big reasons for natural ionizing

What you need to know... What you need to know about the alkaline diet and alkaline water, written by Cassie Bond, a true industry veteran. Cassie, Co-Founder of AlkaWay and Ion Life (Founded in 2000) with her partner Ian Blair Hamilton has years ...
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UltraStream EU Safety Report

Download the EU safety report for the UltraStream  
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UltraStream Test Results

Test Results Water filter life test report European Safety Certification Hydrogen Infusion Test Results Hydrogen infusion comparison with electric water ionizer
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Why we use Aluminium Oxide to Remove Fluoride

The UltraStream is the result of 22 years of our own research, development and feedback from our huge customer base. Our pride in it comes from the feedback we continually receive from both new and old customers. One of the many ways we reduce harmfu...
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