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Hydrogen Water Tablets

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We can no longer sell hydrogen tablets due to new TGA guidelines on supplements.

Getting fitter doesn’t have to hurt... much

AlkaWay Hydrogen Tablets – Sports Supplement have a new powerful formula. Dissolve to create hydrogen-rich water to improve your general well-being.

AlkaWay Hydrogen Tablets are a magnesium-based formula, dissolvable in water to create hydrogen-rich water.

Developed in the USA, AlkaWay Hydrogen Tablets generate high levels of Molecular Hydrogen in each glass of water (up to 9.0mg/L). Simply dissolve 1 tablet in a glass 12-17 fl oz (350-500ml) of water. Once dissolved drink immediately.

Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the universe, it can enter and leave the body freely. So, drinking a whole glass of H2 in one sitting is more effective than sipping at it over a 30 minutes. Sipping over a longer period also allows the Hydrogen in the water to slowly escape and less will enter the body reducing its effectiveness.

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