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Is Mineral Water Hard or Soft

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First up, let’s define what ‘mineral water’ is.

As the name suggests, it’s water with minerals dissolved in it. (Duh-Oh!)

It isn’t ‘hard’ or ‘soft’, so let’s examine why anyone would be asking.

Limescale in pipe‘Hard Water’ is water with alkaline minerals in it, such as Magnesium, calcium, Potassium and Sodium. These minerals can cause accretion of ‘scale’ – a hard, white layer inside pipes. In that sense, hard water can be a problem and may require solutions such as our Kinetic Water Conditioners

In drinking water, it’s a different story, and we’ve summarized almost 100 scientific studies that looked at what happens to people in countries with ‘hard’ water supplied to their homes. here’s the link. The World Health Organisation has even put their weight behind hard water, stating that it is healthier than pure or acid water.

And you’ve probably noticed that bottled alkaline water on your supermarket shelves.

Soft water, on the other hand, is water sans minerals. Some people install Reverse Osmosis systems to achieve their desired ‘soft’ or pure water… but it’s often called ‘dead’ water because of its inability to carry essential minerals into the body. It actually dilutes the minerals we already have in our body. The UltraStream first purifies input water to levels close to Reverse Osmosis, then adds beneficial alkaline minerals, plus molecular hydrogen.

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