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Ozone Water

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What is Ozone Water

Hydrogen Water GeneratorOzone Water Free with your HiGen 1+ hydrogen water filter

What can Ozone do?

Ozone has many useful functions against odours and contaminants in your home. Some of these include:

Purifying water for drinking – ozone eliminates odours, chlorine, iron, and bacteria.

Kill bacteria on surfaces – disinfects kitchen counters and other surfaces by killing bacteria and getting rid of odours.

Kills Oral Bacteria  – With an ozonated glass of water used as a mouthwash, you can help treat oral infections.

Clean food – Food like fish, meat, vegetables, and poultry can be free from bacteria and pathogens when washed with ozonated water.

Fights airborne contaminants – with ozone, you can quickly get rid of odours in your home. It is also effective in eliminating tobacco odours and moulds.

Removes odours in the laundry – your laundry can come out completely odour-free with ozone. Besides that, with its purifying effect, it will also eliminate the need for bleach and would decrease your need for detergent.

Ozone Water Device3Ozone Water Device4

How Ozonated Water Works

Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful oxidizing agents, readily removing organics, microorganisms and pollutants in water supplies. 

Ozone is a molecular compound of three oxygen atoms (O ), in which two oxygen atoms from the basic oxygen molecule (O – the oxygen that humans breathe) and contains a third oxygen atom that can easily detach from the ozone compound and reattach to other molecules. When this third oxygen atom attaches to the molecules of other substances, it can break down their structure and destroy them.

Ozonated water is one of the fastest and safest methods for disinfecting water and has numerous benefits for people and the environment. One of the greatest benefits of ozone is how effective it is in disinfecting water; it quickly and thoroughly kills bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing microorganisms. Ozonated water also removes colours, taste, and odour from water, making it safer to drink.

Ozonated water can purify water of most pathogens and create safe and clean water for people to drink, to cook with, and to clean with. 

Ozone Water Device5What is Pure Ozone

Ozonation doesn’t add chemicals to the water (as with chlorination). It can be used regardless of the unprocessed water’s initial pH level. (It is not acidic). There is no need for any pH balancers and the associated time, cost, and equipment other methods introduce into the purification process.

Ozone has a neutral pH (about 7.0) so it does not affect the pH of the system’s water. Ozone has no calcium or alkalinity, and no dissolved solids; therefore it will not affect water balance.

Ozone does remove trace amounts of dissolved metals such as iron, manganese and copper by oxidising them to their highest oxidation state. They will then precipitate out of the water and should be removed by filtration.

After the water is disinfected, any remaining ozone simply breaks down naturally and doesn’t pollute the air or water – it quickly returns to the atmosphere as regular O – oxygen that is safe to breathe. Consequently, ozonated water does not produce any harmful by-products, keeping the environment safe and clean, thus reducing overall pollution. On a macroscale, ozonated water can also be used to disinfect polluted waters caused by large industrial businesses.

Ozone water is a byproduct of the HiGen 1+’s main function of filtering and creating hydrogen-rich water. Don’t waste it. Collect it as you create your hydrogen water and use it to maintain a clean, germ and virus-free home.

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