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Venus Water Alkaliser

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While the Venus water alkaliser has been discontinued, we will continue to supply the BioStone filters for the unit click here.

We are happy to announce the all new non electric water alkaliser, the UltraStream, designed by AlkaWay Australia.

Why have we chosen for natural water ionisers instead of electric?

For 15 years we’ve wanted to have a better alternative for the thousands of people forced to pay the high entry price for electric water ionisers. We’ve watched as many good people lost the chance to access hydrogen saturated water.

Almost 3 years ago we decided it wasn’t good enough and embarked on our own development of a natural water filter and hydrogen infusing system. The US made, AlkaWay designed UltraStream is today’s answer.

And really.. how could we continue to sell a unit four to six times the price when we KNOW the UltraStream is as good or better?

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