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Drinking Alkaline Water

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We’ve undergone many years of research to replicate the form of water that every cell in our body is bathed in. That’s alkaline, saline water. The Water of Life.

Some adherents also add negatively ionized water, some even claim it is ‘micro-clustered’.

With our UltraStream we simply emulate the process of nature. There isn’t one ‘magic ingredient’ in our filter that does all this. It’s the synergy of the elements we’ve chosen that makes water so effective and health-supportive.

Most of us have never considered that water may be our primary health regulator.

We now know that without sufficient water that our peak zone of health will always elude us. Just like eating more dark leafy greens, the benefits of drinking alkaline hydrogen water are numerous and wide-ranging.

If you’re hydrating with alkaline Hydrogen water, you’re neutralizing the acids formed from the carbohydrates even found in the best of dark leafy greens, and you are constantly assisting your body to ‘stay clean’ of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. (free radicals)

Like a life-giving stream of water, it’s always needed.

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