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What is pH Water?

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There’s a lot of confusion about alkaline water vs. pH Water.

Most people just think one is another way of saying the other, but this just not so.

Alkaline Water

This is water that contains alkaline minerals. It’s a bit of a ‘hit’ at the moment in health stores, but it comes out of the household taps in over half of the world’s homes! It is healthy water.

Should you pay for Alkaline Water? We’d recommend you check with your local water supply first. If the pH of your water is over pH 8.0, I wouldn’t bother. Save the plastic!

pH Water?

The name really doesn’t make sense.¬† It’s a name concocted by marketers who just don’t know enough about the difference between pH water and Alkaline Water. The word ‘pH’ is an abbreviation of the French ‘Per Hydrogene‘ and it is used to denote a measurement of the amount of hydrogen in water. So saying ‘pH water’ is, in reality, saying ‘measurement of hydrogen water’.

Let’s cut to the chase: pH water IS water with hydrogen in it. This form of water is generated by the¬†UltraStream. It’s the best-tested water hydrogen system in the world at this time, easily outperforming water ionizers eight times the price.

This short video is of AlkaWay founder Ian Blair Hamilton’s explanation.

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