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Alphion Water Ionizer

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While the Alphion water alkaliser has been discontinued, we will continue to supply the BioStone filters for the unit click here.Alphion Water Ionizer

Advantages of UltraStream over Electronic Ionizers > water filter comparison

  • Up to 4x Hydrogen Production
  • Removes Fluoride (up 80%)
  • Removes Heavy Metals
  • Removes Chloramines not just Chlorine
  • Removes Volatile Organic Compounds and much more
  • No Waste Water
  • Zero Maintenance Costs (excluding new filters)
  • No more expensive Calcium damage that clogs up electronic water ionizers
  • Non-Electric
  • Design by AlkaWay for Australian Water Conditions
  • Made in the USA
  • Test for the life of the filter

Click here to find out all about the UltraStream.

 For more information as to why we discontinued this product go here

Alphion Water Alkaliser / Ioniser

Style, Simplicity, Health Power

This latest Alphion Water Alkaliser has five of the most advanced platinum-titanium electrodes in the world, developed jointly by Toyo University Japan and Emco Tech, South Korea. When a cross-section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are patterned with a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys. This greatly increases the surface area and performance of the water alkaliser plates without having to increase the size of the Alkaliser.

  • Top Performance – the latest Mesh Diode Electrode technology
  • Unparalleled durability – the patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup which deteriorates performance in other ionisers
  • Dependability – backed by the certainty of Emco Tech – the world leader in ionization and water alkalizes.
  • The Alphion, with its brushed steel style panel, blends with the most modern of kitchens. (not recommended for under the sink, check out the Delphi Undersink Water Alkaliser)
  • Micro-Clustered Water (5 to 6 molecules per cluster).

The Alphion Water Ioniser Technology.

Use of Mesh Titanium One of the things we have done to improve our electrolytic cell was to cover our ionizing plates with titanium mesh. The increased surface area of the mesh increases the electrolytic potential of our water cells which makes the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) far high that other models.
Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell Jupiter Science water ionisers create healthy, clean, ionized, alkaline water from tap water.
Double Automatic Reverse CleaningThe DARC system is an automatic cleaning device which completely removes the calcium build-up from the water ioniser chamber and electrodes which acts to extend the life of the chamber itself
Automatic Water Pressure Control DeviceWater pressure can be controlled by opening and closing the existing water faucet but according to each area’s water pressure, as each area has it’s on particular water pressure, we have added this feature to maintain a constant water pressure.
Micon System The Micon System is a microcomputer that controls all functions and maintains suitable water pH according to the volume of water flow. It features a self-diagnosis and a one-touch system for all functions. If there is an electrical overload due to water quality or industrial pollutants such as mercury, the Micon System disables ionization.

Full details of the Alphion Water Ioniser

So much More than Clean Water …

Jupiter Science – the world leader in alkaline ionization, offers you their latest models – Alphion JP109.

(aka Orion, IONWAYS, Life and Kangen)

Same inside – delightfully different outside

With a great value price, super reliability, new Biostone filter, fully automated features, 9 levels of pH and ideal ORP range, the Melody has been the preferred ioniser choice in the USA and for such authorities as Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) and Dr Robert Young (author of The pH Miracle) for a number of years.

Indeed, no other model has proven to be as reliable, user-friendly and ideally suited to most Australian water conditions.

That is, no other model until Jupiter released the best of the best for those who want clean water AND the ultimate healthy water.
So what makes these latest models- Aquarius and Alphion- even more, user friendly and advanced than the Melody?

The new improvements are:

  • Design:
    The Alphion with its sleek curves and stainless steel look is an easy match for those liking understated eloquence.
  • Consistency:
    In Australia the water supply can vary a lot from state to state. Due to this difference in source water, ionisers using the same alkaline settings will produce different alkaline levels in different areas. Now in the new Jupiter and Alphion, there is a patented SOL valve and triple diaphragms that adjusts the water flow automatically. This means that you now get the correct pH level no matter what your input water is even if there is a change in your water pressure or flow rate.
  • Durability:
    DARC double clean feature. These new units include the patented DARC (double action reverse cleaning) system. This feature completely removes any scale from the electronic cell, helping to make sure your ioniser stays in top working condition.
    NOTE – If you are using well water, water distiller or a Reverse Osmosis machine please contact us first so we can help you re-mineralize or clean your water before it enters your Jupiter ioniser.
  • Company Background:
    Jupiter Science has been making water ionisers since 1982 and before that medical equipment. Their research department is constantly working to improve performance without increasing power consumption or taking up extra room with a bulky ionising chamber taken inside Jupiter’s main production plant. As a leading manufacturer of quality water ionisers, Jupiter has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 ionisers a month (90% of all water ionisers). All Jupiter’s ionization chambers are made in Jupiter’s Japanese factory where about engineers with doctorates continue to research and improve on design, functionality and durability. Most models on the market are assembled in Korea or Japan using parts (chambers) from other companies in China or Taiwan. It is Jupiter models that continue to be the choice brand for large companies such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG and Toyo. This is why it is assumed that Jupiter sells more units than all the other water ioniser companies combined. You can have confidence that Jupiter’s quality control, advanced research and great pricing will make your ioniser purchase a happy and trouble-free experience.
  • Performance:
    platinum plates with mesh covering In their latest models are five of the most advanced platinum-titanium electrodes in the world. When a cross section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys. This greatly increases the surface area without having to increase the size. We guarantee that no other models, regardless of price, will produce under similar conditions, such a high and low pH or ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential).
  • Ease of Use:
    The easy to read digital indicator tells you the remaining water filter life. Optimum performance is ensured by always changing your filter on time. In addition to the digital counter, a new indicator light will flicker when your current filter life is up, reminding you to change your filter. Your new ioniser also has an attractive coloured LCD display that easily identifies your selections. Easy to understand symbols and colours identify the type and level of water you have selected.

Similar to the Melody – The Aquarius and Alphion also include:

  • A top quality, 9 step, single-body multi-stage filter. Premium filter materials ensure production of healthier and cleaner water, trapping a wide variety of contaminants while allowing beneficial minerals to pass through. These filters contain carbon from the UK, Natural mineral calcium from Japan and KDFA certified Biostone ceramics from Korea.
  • A voice indicator that alerts you to your selection of alkaline, acidic or purified water. You can adjust the volume level or simply switch the sound ON/OFF as you desire.
  • 9 settings of pH with easy convenience of one-touch operation.
  • Enhanced convenience in filter replacement; the spring-loaded filter housing makes it a snap to replace your filter.
  • We guarantee caring, ongoing support and prompt service.

Alphion Water Ioniser Specification

Product Manufacture Permission Number

No. 610


Ion water generator



Input voltage

AC 240V

Input Electricity




Overall dimension


Applicable Water Inflow Pressure


Applicable Water Temperature


Unit Operation Type

One touch

Unit Operation Means

Tap-Water-Open and – Close

Electrolysis Device

Electrolysis Method

Continuous Electrolysis

Electrolysis strength

4 Level

Ionized Water Output Rate

2.5L-3L/Min(Alkaline+Acidic water)

Cleaning Device


Electrode Materials

Platinum and Titanium

Water Purifying Device

Filter Replacement

Easy Replacement Cartridge

Filter Life

     Activated Carbon Filter:Approx 5-6 Month
( Basic 20 Liter/Day )

Filter Life Indicator

FND Indication

Filter Composition

Silver impregnated Carbon
option-hollow filter membrane

Water Purifying Device

Temperature Sensor / Auto Shut Off

Water Supply

Direct Connection to a Tap

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