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Inhaling Molecular Hydrogen? Ian tries it on.

Here at AlkaWay we pride ourselves at always being ahead of the curve, and molecular hydrogen is a great place to practise. This molecular hydrogen inhalation system is a great way to access H2 while you are doing nothing in particular .. reading a book?
Watching a  movie?

Hey, I’d love your comments on this and my other experimental posts.
We really value for input and like to make our product sourcing decisions based on our customers’ advice rather than a wing and a prayer.


  1. Roger Reid

    I have been researching H2 in tablets but your machine looks better & easier to use. Cost like the tablets is most probably out of my reach. I am an Asthma suffer. So I would like the cost if possible. Regards. Roger

    1. Sorry for the delay, Roger! Go to for costs. Er.. where are you?

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