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Perfluorinated Chemicals In Your Water?

Last Updated:August 1st 2016 “I’m very angry. They’ve known about this for how long, and they’re just telling us? I drank water throughout my pregnancy. What is that going to do?” –Carmen Soto, a resident of Fountain, Colorado, after learning that her community’s drinking water supply is contaminated with unsafe levels of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs).Fountain […]

Wow, Is it time yet to buy a water filter…..? Especially if you live in Florida!

Last Updated:August 1st 2016 Florida commission about to rule on drinking water chemical allowance increases. The Environmental Regulatory Commission of Florida will vote this month to increase the number of regulated chemicals in Florida drinking water. Now, you lucky Floriorians, you can have 92 chemicals in your water instead of just 54. The good news is […]

Hard water or Soft water. The Untold Truth – and what you can do about it.

It’s almost a tie. Around half of our populated regions on planet earth have hard water, the other half, soft water. ‘Hard water’ is water with calcium and (perhaps) magnesium dissolved in it. The term refers to water from your tap. ‘Soft water’ is the opposite. It has little or no dissolved minerals. Both have […]

Brian Eating Amoebas strike again.

This time it’s not Australia, where one-year-old Cash died in April this year from what’s being called a “brain-eating parasite” that was thriving in the water at Jodi and Laine Keough’s cattle station, near Townsville, Australia This time it was in the USA where a young athlete succumbed on a church trip. Lauren Seitz of […]

Toxic Blue Green Algae

“A State of Emergency” — Toxic Algal Blooms in Florida and Around the Globe Choke Waterways Waterways in Florida — and in many parts of the world — are under siege from toxic algae blooms that are killing fish, choking cities’ freshwater supplies, harming ecosystems, and cutting into recreation and tourism revenue. Two weeks ago, […]

Good News about the UltraStream

We love good news. Daniel Angelini is a new AlkaWay client in Australia, and the first thing he did with his new UltraStream and its pH kit was a few comparisons. The picture is self explanatory! Daniel emailed us and said: “I got my UltraStream connected a couple of days ago and love it! My Brita was […]

How are water filters tested and how are the tests used to sell water purifiers?

If you’re looking at buying the best water filter, wouldn’t you like to know it will do what it says? Unfortunately, 99% of water filters on the market are sold in the knowledge that you don’t know and will probably decide to believe what they tell you it will do. Water filter vendors service a huge market […]

Water filters and Hard Water. 4 Choices you need to consider.

Hard water is water with high levels of alkaline minerals. It is the result of having high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium ions. Dissolved rock causes scale, which impedes appliance performance and is the direct cause of energy inefficiencies and increased utility costs. It can be a serious problem for many water filter systems […]

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