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The Good News of coffee Consumption.. and the Bad, Bad News.

First.. the Good News about drinking Coffee. The benefits of coffee consumption have long been questioned, but now a new group of experts have given it the thumbs up – at least for one issue. A review of studies published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics says that increasing coffee intake could help reduce the chances […]

UltraStream: Why it’s different than any other water ionizer and how it evolved

the UltraStream water filter, water ionizer, water alkalizer and hydrogen infused water system isn’t a one-off product. It’s an evolution from electric water ionizer to natural, from high cost and maintenance to simplicity and high end filtration. Ian Blair Hamilton is the designer of the UltraStream and is founder of AlkaWay in 2000. He is […]

Sacramento water utility hid carcinogens in drinking water.

TV News alleges: In 2013 and 2014, Sacramento residents were exposed to a carcinogenic chemical in their drinking water called aluminum chlorohydrate. During those 2 years, Sacramento tested aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) at its main water treatment plant and according to TV station ABC10, alarm bells sounded almost immediately. But… the city didn’t warn locals or take action […]

Thank you California! You’ve banned Microbeads!

What are they, you ask? They are tiny bits of plastic used for all sorts of weird purposes. Over 800 trillion microbeads enter US wastewater daily, and because water treatment plants were never designed to handle this new source of pollution, a lot of the microplastics end up in rivers and lakes, get ingested by various […]

Activated Alumina for Fluoride Reduction, or if you prefer, sapphires and Rubies.

Our UltraStream has been tested to 3500 litres by Griffith University laboratory for (among many other things) fluoride reduction. We use an NSF approved non-eluting (it doesn’t leach into your water) US supplied Activated Alumina. It’s THE best we could find anywhere in the world, in line with all other filter media in our UltraStream. […]

The Cost of UltraStream filter replacement

Cassie had an inquiry from a lady today about the cost of filters for the UltraStream today. The lady wanted a comparison between what it would cost to replicate the power of filtration of an UltraStream by buying alternative filters. Here’s what she came up with! Hi Mia,   Sorry but we don’t make much […]

15 Facts Most People Just Don’t Know About Fluoride

Ian: I’m studying a paper right now on the link between pre-eclampsia and fluoride. Coincidentally or not, this came across my desk at the same time. Advocates of fluoride say its use in municipal water systems poses no adverse health concerns, however results from investigations clearly state the opposite. There has been considerable research done […]

Hydration: How much water should you be drinking? Really?

It’s a given that we all should be drinking more water to maintain health, but sometimes we need to question the timing of when we drink water. The most common question we get is whether it’s good to drink water before or during a meal. Or, if you drink water during a meal, does it alter your stomach’s digestive acids, […]