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Bone Breakers

Dr William Davis, MD, author of best seller Wheat Belly’ has an interesting/disturbing ¬†comment on the role of gluten in bone loss.

“One way to guage acid-induced extraction of calcium from bone is to measure urinary calcium loss. A University of Toronto study examined the effect of increasing gluten consumption from bread on the level of calcium lost in the urine. Increased gluten intake increased urinary calcium loss by an incredible 63 percent, along with increased markers of bone resorption – i.e. blood markers for bone weakening that lead to bone diseases such as osteoporosis.”

As a sufferer of (obviously) gluten induced osteoporosis ( I LOVED bread!) this knocks me out. Here I was for over ten years eating my alkaline greens and shunning meat products.. and it was my daily bread that was conspiring to render me skeletonless!

To add insult to injury, I even regularly tested my urine.. when in fact an alkaline urine – the result I sought from testing – may have been due to the calcium I was losing due to gluten!

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