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A Life Without Coffee?

I’m reading a great little essay on coffee by a man who finally gave it up and described in full, his process of undoing that occurred when he did.

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I love coffee. I am an expert at giving it up: I’ve done so at least a dozen times.

Of course, my readers also know that I’ve been on some form of evolving alkaline time since 2000, and I absolutely attribute my 72-year-old state of health to this. All I need do is take a look at my old friends to understand that something special has prevented mine from the same rate of decay.

Are you Addicted to Coffee?

As I’ve aged, I’ve also learned a great deal about the nature of all addiction, and one thing that always comes up when considering giving up anything is that there must be real measurable, experiential things that SHOW my doubting self that my detox is working. And this is why I am sharing this quote.

No more coffee.
Cold turkey. Just as I did it when I stopped smoking years ago. Whenever I thought about drinking a coffee, I simply drank a glass of water or made myself a cup of tea instead.

It occurred to me that what has provided me with this experiential advantage in giving up everything from coffee to manic workaholism is something very, very few of us understand. Yes, we all know what water is, but how many can say they have explored its true value? I have, and so I can say that alkaline hydrogen-rich water is supercharged water that supercharges me to be and do better. No, it’s not like an inspirational motto stuck on the fridge, or a program I buy from a self-help guru. It’s far, far more subtle.

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Water.. the best water, the right form of water…

..isn’t like an inspirational saying stuck on the fridge door. It’s far, far more subtle. It works on me – my body, my brain, my skin, and my mind – from the inside by silently removing the trash my normal addictive life has stored within every cell of the body and replacing it with the type of water I was born with.

The Spiritual Side of Water

One often sees baptisms where a churchgoer is dunked in the local river, or a baby sprinkled with water. In Hinduism, devotees dunk in the Ganges – seen by them as the Mother energy. The common factor? Water! It’s as if the priests understand that there is something mystical about a return to the water, a full immersion.. but I wonder if they are just doing their best to remind us all of just how essential, how primal, how.. functional pure energised water is to the process of life, all the way down to the single-cell?

Hydrogen Water: The Molecule of Life

We’ve been investigating hydrogen-rich water for years and are still amazed at the results appearing in the (1000+) scientific journals. I attended a lecture by biochemist Tyler Lebaron some time ago when he reminded the audience that H2 was the catalyst to life as we know it, converting basic molecules from inert to lifeforms.

And now we know that this amazing molecule, once released from its common form in H2O, is able to silently and effectively seek out the deepest part of our body, to penetrate every organ, the brain, even single cells, to react with hydroxyl radicals, the nasty DNA chomping free radical that is the only one we really need to care about because it is the aging radical.. and cleanly, efficiently, sacrifice itself, joining the hydroxyl radical on a ‘holy union’ to produce – and this is what still knocks me out – pure water.

So, by all means, read the Medium article on coffee. I hope it helps!
But by all means spend some more time investigating this relatively new, absolutely unique, and simple health strategy available to anyone in the world.

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