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Wow! Did we really discover molecular hydrogen water in 2009?

Wow! Did we really discover molecular hydrogen water in 2009?

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I remember the first time Cassie and I met Tyler LeBaron.

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Cassie Bond, Alkaway Co-Founder, Tyler Lebaron, Ian Hamilton, Founder

I didn’t really see him personally but we met up on Facebook, then by email, then by skype with long, excited discussions about how his discovery of hydrogen water would change the world.

We’d talk for hours on where we thought the world would go with hydrogen water: water containing molecular hydrogen.

Since that time we’ve spread the word about molecular hydrogen every day, by website, by FB, Twitter and daily communication. The reason? There are so few people in the world who really inspire you with a combination of enthusiasm and deep understanding of scientific principles.

Tyler is now the founder of the Molecular hydrogen Institute and I am so glad that way back then, I suggested this to him as a way to spread the word. It’s a wonderful site: packed with information on this amazing molecule’s therapeutic benefits, and 100% supported by actual scientific studies.

We’ve also seen a wonderful flowering of alternatives that allow people with even low income access the benefits. In 2009 Tyler tested our UltraStream and discovered its ability to produce more molecular hydrogen per litre than a $6000 water alkalizer AKA water ionizer. We now have over 12,000 people around the world drinking alkaline, hydrogen-rich water from their own Ultrastreams.

We have also seen the evolution of portable hydrogen water generating bottles, molecular hydrogen tablets and pitchers. Having such a long relationship has also meant we have an ear to the problems unseen by many ‘bandwagon’ vendors of molecular hydrogen water. We were one of the first to use the hydrogen testing reagenet Tyler discovered in japan. We were one of the first to discover how the most popular hydrogen test meter didn’t actually test hydrogen. And we have a large bin in our warehouse of new products from new makers that simply weren’t good enough to send to people we want as long term customers.

So if you’d like to learn more about this ground-breaking research, its profound effects, and how to access it in a way that doesn’t involve you in massive outlay, MLM or uninformed decisions, why not drop over and check us out?
New Zealand

If you’d like to meet Tyler, this video is as good as it gets.

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