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The Complete Alkalizing Solution

If you’ve spent any time studying our website, including its HUGE Resource centre, you’ll know we spend a lot of time giving as much info as we can to you so you can make good decisions about your best alkaline balancing method.

You will also have noticed that we have a number of alkalizing products, which has created a little conflict for some visitors. So I’m going to try to simplify our products and their purposes so you can more easily decide how to alkalize best for you. Here’s our Range of Alkalizing Products.

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Alka-Beginners Take Note!

First step is to grab a pH test kit. With this you can test your saliva and urine’s acidity or alkalinity. There’s plenty of info on the website which will help you with the results.

I used your product as soon as I received it and was surprised to find out how acidic my body was. I have followed instructions from you and have now managed to be in the alkaline range and feel so much better. No longer tired all the time, nice to have energy again. Thank you for the test strips and your instructions for bringing my PH back to where it should be.

Afterwards, you can dive in deep with the UltraStream alkalizing water filter system , or for less $$, the AlkaWay Biocera alkaline water filter jug.

This is really excellent to see Alkaway stocking this lovely South Korean made jug filter and supplying the cartridges at a reasonable price! ~Rick

If you don’t need a water filter, you can begin to alkalize your drinking water with AlkaSachets, or use the handy AlkaBalance drops to alkalize your water, juices or food!

Have put the whole family onto this we have it in our drink bottles and so far are happy with the way it changes the water to an alkaline level. Our daughter had been very acidic and already her Acidic levels have dropped and she is increasing to a good alkaline level. It’s easy to use just pop into drink bottle and leave it to do its magic! ~Thespina

Works very well to produce alkaline water without the unpleasant overtaste that I have experienced with other products. ~John Blacklock

For the full comprehensive 4 alkaline essential minerals in a dissolvable powder form, Alkaline Booster will power you for up to 90 days.

Great product that has helped immensely in controlling my pH level, eliminating the acidity in your body is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. ~Steve Hopkins

Finally, if you aren’t getting the amount of alkalizing greens you’d like, Alkaway Greens powder in a smoothie daily is the ideal all-round alternative.

At last, I have found a palatable greens formula. Alkaway Greens is really easy to drink. I am getting the greens that my body craves in a very digestible dose. It leaves me with no unpleasant after-taste. I just mix it with water and drink it straight down. It is great value too in the really tall 600g size – twice the size of standards greens powders. Joanna, Ballina NSW

Personally, I drink my UltraStream water, and mix my AlkalineBooster with my Greens. And I LOVE it! As most readers know, I’m 73 and PUMPING!

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