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It Takes 3 Litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water. Is that dumb or what?

Empty water bottles are now the no 1 polluter

So why not filter your own water?

In the long run it’s less expensive by far – and you are safe in the knowledge that it really is filtered. So having the right filter is paramount. Look for a water filter that does more than filter. Our bodies need essential minerals and a water filter that gives you these alkaline minerals plus hydrogen rich water. pH balanced water is also a must. Without that you are probably drinking a form of acid, like a lot of rainwater or tank water. A good water filter will give you the ability to adjust the pH of your water. Many water tanks cannot be guaranteed bacteria and parasite free, so a good system will use the latest patented antibacterial technology to protect your family’s health. A magnetic field in the filter makes your water more absorbable. We don’t even know why but we experience it every time we drink our water. 

Hydrogen rich water makes any water filter a super health support. With over 400 studies of a myriad of health conditions and the effect of our water, it’s the new essential. The plastic bottle is a really bad idea whose use-by date has come and gone.

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