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Supercharging your water filter's virus protection

Supercharging your water filter’s virus protection

We've been making and selling water filters for 20 years. So we know a few things. One is that the most basic desire of any water filter buyer is that it removes bacteria and viruses. Today, given this present worldwide situation, this has become even more important.

So we have some very good news for you.

In the past, to get the best virus protection (let's use the word we all fear: bacteria reduction is easy compared to virus reduction) you had to either install an Ultraviolet lamp into your home water filter system and make sure you maintained it (any buildup of grunge on the immersed glass tube immediately reduces efficiency) or install an undersink reverse osmosis system which promises 100% exclusion against almost everything – including beneficial alkaline minerals. What you are not told is that chlorine, our ubiquitous disinfectant, also erodes the RO membrane. This means it seems to be working, but…

We've been supplying a filter we call ULTRA-D as a prefilter for our UltraStream for over a year. We recommend it when the water supply isn't chlorinated to guard against – yes, you guessed it – bacteria and viruses. We love it because it really has had the deep testing we respect: by the US NSF – so we know that it does what it says. So here's the good news.

up to 99.99% Virus removal
up to 99.99% Bacteria removal
up to 99.99% Cysts removal

No, you don't have to own an UltraStream to use it. We can give you a package of filter, housing, and tap attachment, or just a filter that will fit your standard common 10"water filter. Here are the links to get yours.

1. Small Inline system

MiniUltra D 9e8a1d42a0f87e66637a20b16653fa2e 800

10"Complete standalone system here

counter top ULTRADfilter 3da5cea1b5449dc8ce77ed9e66486824 800

10"Inline system here

pre filter ultra d ps

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