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Sometimes it just happens…

When your business is on the web there’s often a strange ‘disconnect’ that happens.

You pump info into ‘the machine’ and if you’re lucky, something comes out the other end. All very ‘inhuman’. Most of the time you feel like you’re cloud punching – lots of effort but never really touching anyone.

I began my weekly walkabout-talkabout series mainly because it felt more.. well.. human. At least I could see ‘me’ talking even if I couldn’t get any response immediately. But there has been response – good and bad. It’s like I’ve been living on a ¬†desert island and I happily spy a sail on the horizon. It might be Her Majesty’s or it might be a pirate but at least it’s human.

So it was great to hear from Va, our inhouse alkaline specialist that Andrew was on the phone ordering an UltraStream because he saw one of my videos.

Life IS worth living after all. Thank you, Andrew! By the way we’ve sold over 100 units already this month. Yowzah!

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