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Rocket Fuel Takes Off

rocketfuelI have taken my ‘eye off the ball’ on one of our quiet achiever products… Rocket Fuel. So I took notice yesterday when a customer ordered TWO litres of it! And it made me think that we are actually in this amazing place where our two biggest products are what surround every continent on earth, what falls out of the sky.

When it comes to effective partnerships, who or what springs to your mind?  Lillee & Thommo, Newcombe & Roche, Morecambe & Wise, Kyle & Jackie O, fish & chips, your right hand and your left hand?  All excellent individually of course, but in each case when they team up together they create something really special.

I bet Hydrogen & Oxygen didn’t occur to you!  But if you truly value your health, they should be at the very top of your mind.  And not just because they hook up together to bring us life-giving water (you all know our thoughts on that)!  AlkaWay has sourced two world-leading products that enable you to bring your body’s hydration (Hydrogen Tables)and oxygenation (Rocket Fuel) into equilibrium at a whole new level – the molecular level. Not only that, we hold the ‘world record’ for water devices that produce molecular hydrogen – the fabulous UltraStream.

These products respectively make molecular hydrogen and oxygen readily available to your cells, addressing any deficiencies and positioning your body to function at its best.  Hydrogen comprises about 10% and oxygen 65% of the human body – three-quarters of you!  That’s how vital this partnership is.  When these elements are optimised your body is able to deal most efficiently with everything you consume, extracting and utilising the nutrients, neutralising and eliminating the toxins and waste, optimising your natural flow of energy.

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