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Removing Fluoride From the Body Naturally.

Hey, I know we sell the world’s best water filter.

And a big reason we deliver so many is its good fluoride performance. It is the ONLY water filter we have seen that has actually been tested for fluoride reduction over its expected lifespan. We used Griffith University’s NATA accredited laboratory, at great expense) because we wanted an independent point of reference for our customers who, we know DO care abot what goes into their bodies.

The lab tests show around 80% net reduction. We have nothing to compare this to because we have never seen any other comparable tests.
We HAVE seen some products blithely claimed UP TO 98%. Sadly, consumer groups have never have the time or resources to ‘out’ people who make claims like this.

So this news is going to be big news.. and a real validation of what we’ve been talking about for 16 years.

I was just sent some REALLY interesting scientific studies that say that alkaline urine will remove much more fluoride from the body than acid urine. Wow.

Now.. if it’s not a ‘Wow’ for you, let me explain. The team here have been following our own version of the alkaline diet for well over a decade. i attribute my thriving good (69 next month) health to our diet which ALWAYS has good amounts of dark leafy greens – the alkaline ‘manna from Heaven! We’ve also been drinking alkaline water for all of that time from our own water alkalizers. So yes, my pee is alkaline! Or at least it was last time I checked.

The studies are clear. If your pee is alkaline, the fluoride that has got into you through either water, fluoride soaked foods, toothpaste… can be removed by an alkaline diet which in turn changes the pH of your pee.

if you aren’t on an alkaline diet and don’t know much about it, I’m making you a special offer in this blog. Our highly successful online New Alkaline Diet and Defence Program is normally a paid product. Today you can sign on for free.

If you don’t understand alkaline water, you’re going to find a load of relevancy here on our website. We are THE alkaline water experts, the inventors of the best natural water filter, alkalizer and hydrogen activator in the world.peetime

Relationship between urine pH and fluoride levels here
The merck manual explanation of the elimination of drugs by the kidneys  here
(you can get on pubmed and find reams of the studies on individual drugs).
Heres an example of the effect of urinary PH on amphetamine excretion. In this case making the urine very acidic can treat an overdose (notice that the excretion rates have a similar difference with fluoride.
Here is one on adrenaline, although I suspect changes in the blood maybe even more interesting. It’s a small study..even so the effects are so pronounced that it reaches statistical significance.


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