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Are you for real?

I stumbled upon an article by a well known alkaline diet practitioner. This article suggests a diet of his supplements taken daily for what he calls ‘natural blood building.

Perhaps I’m naive.. but.. can you imagine taking all this every day?

1)  Drink 250ml of XXXXXXX  liquid Chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is the concentrated blood of green plants and is identical to human hemoglobin except for the center atom of magnesium in chlorophyll.

Ian: That’s one whole glass of strong green stuff… OK, what next?

2)  Drink 6 liters of XXXXXX Greens with 5 drops of the XXXXX per liter.  The XXXXXX greens contains concentrated (28 to 1 concentration) grasses, fruit and vegetables that will increase red blood cell count and blood volume as indicated on a Comprehensive Blood Count Test.  The XXXXXXXX drops will increase the pH of the green drink and help to buffer metabolic and dietary acids that break down connective tissue and weaken muscles.

Ian: Did I read right? SIX litres? That’s 24 glasses of greens!

3)  Ingest 16 portions of alkalizing green fruit and vegetables.  Ingesting liberal amounts of green fruit and vegetables daily will help to maintain the high levels of red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit.


4)  Drink 100ml of the XXXXXX Omega 3, 6 and 9 oil.  The ingestin of polyunsaturated oils from hemp, borage and flax will provide the necessary lipids for building the membranes of stem cells and blood cells and keeping them strong.

Ian: OK 100ml I can do.

5)  Ingest 1 scoop of XXXXX salts in the morning, 1 sccop at night and 1 scoop any time the pH of the urine drops below 7.2.  The XXXXX salts contain four foundational mineral salts for the purpose of maintaining the alkaline design of the body fluids and reduce and/or eliminate the metabolic and respiratory acids that build-up during strenuous exercise such as carbonic acid and lactic acid.

Ian: I agree with this one too. We have AlkaBooster every morning. It’s such an easy way to restore your alkaline buffer that 16 portions of alkalizing vegetable seems irrelevant.

6)  Spray the XXXXX salts orally to replace electrolytes and reduce the acids that create lightheadedness, dizziness, cold hands, cold feet, poor circulation, low energy, just to name a few symptoms of low mineral salts.

Ian: More salts?

7) And, finally take 2 scoops twice a day of the XXXXXX L-Arginine XXX to improve blood and lymph circulation by breaking up acidic mucous, plaque, calcifications, and cysts in the blood, lymph and connective tissue.

When an athlete follows the above recommendations based upon my clinical research for over twenty years he or she will consistantly (sic) show increases in their red blood cell count approaching or exceeding 5 million/mcL, hemoglobin increases approaching or exceeding 15 g/dl, and hematocrit increases approaching or exceeding a volume of  50 percent or higher.

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