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Question: Is the raw food diet the same as an Alkaline Diet?

Answer: A true “alkalarian diet” is 80% + raw, but “raw diets” are not always alkaline.

The raw food diet is built on one basic premise… cooking your food destroys enzymes, leaches minerals, damages vitamins, and denatures antioxidants. All of which are true.

The Alkaline Diet (acid – alkaline diet / pH diet) is built on one basic premise as well…certain foods contribute to acidification of your body, and some help to alkalize your body. It just so happens that most foods are more alkaline forming when they’re in their raw state.

Alkaline diets are mostly raw, but raw diets aren’t necessarily alkalizing.

For example… raw foodists may eat a lot of raw fish (sushi), raw dairy (cheese), or raw meat (tartare) – all of which are acidifying. You’ll also see a lot of “raw treats” in raw food books (like cookies, ice cream, etc)…which are also acidifying. While raw food diets are certainly much more healthy than our conventional cooked diets, eating just “raw” isn’t going to necessarily help you get your pH up.

If you are acidic, then you need to get more alkalizing foods into your diet. Our Alkaline Diet and Defence Program is free right now and you can dive right in the what we can say is your most comprehensive resource on the Web. Click on the link and you’ll find your invitation.

As you’ll see in the lessons, foods are more alkalizing in their raw form, but you have to be eating the right kinds if you want to get your body back into a pH balanced state.


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