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Parkinson’s Disease and Pesticides: New links discovered

parkoPulse (Lentil) farmers in Victoria are contracting Parkinson’s Disease at a rate far beyond the rest of the Australian populace.

A new study suggests recorded cases of Parkinson’s, based on medication use, are 78% higher than average in Buloke, 76% higher in Horsham, 57% higher in Northern Grampians and 34% higher in Yarriambiack – all pulse farming regions.

For me, this news just amplifies the need to eat organic – particularly for vegetarians who have a far higher lentil consumption than the rest of us. But it takes my mind even further. We get these reports where the evidence shows itself, but it’s against a backdrop of a constant unrelenting cancer epidemic. Cancer has eluded all specifics in prevention and as I move towards seventy, I can’t help but feel I’m like the prisoner of war in the concentration camp wondering if it’s my day today to be ‘liquidated’.

I’m ‘in the zone’ where dear friends make the big announcement;

“Well Folks, I have _____ cancer.”

And surely, surely we can’t dismiss the idea that every mouthful of pesticide treated grain, every breath of carbon monoxide, every glass of heavy metals and carcinogenic chlorinated water contributes to this observation of imminent mortality. No, I don’t have one answer. But I am so very grateful that sixteen years ago I began becoming aware of this ‘pestilence’ of pesticides and a  ‘death by a thousand cuts’.  each cut may simply be one more mouthful of ever-so miniscule amounts of toxins.

We have our own amazing detoxification system. But it needs fuel, and my belief is that fuel is water.


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