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New water hazards that we should act on.

In just one week we’ve seen two new threats to our water supply.

Here in Australia we are all familiar with the blessing and the curse of flying foxes, who nest in their thousands in native forest, and overfly our cities at dusk every night. Now we have been told that their pee harbours deadly Hendra virus, so be careful if you are looking up in awe at their spectacular flypast, make sure your mouth is closed! We have already heard of local cases of serious illness from this source – and – of course – if you have a lovely fruit or berry tree near your house, they’ll target it in season peeing as they pass over your roof – which, in the country, empties into your home water tanks.

Secondly, now we hear that the drought in California and a wet witner followed by a dry summer in New York is creating ideal conditions for mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus – another nasty.

Some experts theorize that a wet NY winter followed by drought created ideal conditions for the culex mosquitoes that spread the virus.
They lay their eggs in dirty, nutrient-filled pools like those left when rivers dry up, and they can survive winters with the virus by hiding in tunnels or sewers.

The year before, the city cracked down on bird baths and swimming pools as a way to fight the virus. Around 700 New Yorkers received citations for failing to properly treat water in their yard.

Ian: Poor little birdies! We’re installing more and more systems in rural properties for many reasons. Check our site here.


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