New Study: Hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammatory responses and prevents apoptosis of peripheral blood cells in healthy adults.

Studies of the effectiveness of hydrogen water are regularly being released lately. AS readers know, many relate to particular health conditions, but only a few relate to healthy people. This study does that.. and for us, it’s about time because we have healthy people asking us every day about the effect molecular hydrogen like that produced by our UltraStream will have on their health and vitality.
Here’s the study.

And here’s a quote from the study that explains what APOPTOSIS is and why we need to care.

”Apoptosis is one of the consequences resulting from excessive ROS generation31. As the mitochondrial respiratory chain is the major source of endogenous ROS, mitochondrial DNA, proteins and lipids are susceptible to ROS attack, and these biomolecular damages beyond the capacity of repair can lead to programmed cell death32. Excessive destruction of normal cells constitutes a major cause of aging33, diabetes34 and neurodegenerative diseases35.

Surprisingly, the HW group showed a lower percentage in apoptotic PBMC at week 4 compared with the PW group. This suggested that HW consumption was effective in preventing severe cellular damages. Because hydrogen molecules have small size and low molecular weight enough to diffuse across the cellular membrane and enter intracellular compartments, H2 may have directly suppressed these severe damages36.”

And by the way, check the levels of H2 in the water consumed during the study. It’s LESS than what we can get from the UltraStream!

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