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N.E.W. Water Better than Acid Water because it’s not acid!

kagnen100pxNow that inquiries for electric water ionizers are dropping off, vendors are finding new ways to promote the benefits of the byproduct water of the electrolysis process, namely acid water.

Given the right (slow) flow rate, most 7+ plate water ionizers can produce the acid pH necessary for effective antibacterial action. The pH is known; it’s 2.7, which, given that neutral is pH 7 and each downward unit equals an acidity ten times stronger, means that the water produced by the ionizer in this way is around 500,000 times more acid than neutral.

So news that there is an equally effective water with a pH close to neutral comes as quite a surprise for electric ionizer sellers. And given the form of the water generator – a small free standing unit that creates the water directly in a spray bottle, they probably need to worry about this N.E.W. (neutral electrolysed water) water device. At around 1/10 of the price of the most widely promoted electric water ionizer, it means you can have all the antibacterial effect and none of the excess acidity that, at that pH, may well corrode as much as it cleans.

Learn more about this great little ‘kitchen size’ device here.
See a short video showing the difference in obtaining acid water and N.E.W. water below.

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