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Lifetime Warranties. The difference between USA and Australia

We’ve been intrigued to see some water ionizer companies offering lifetime warranties on their electronic water ionizers.

Having been in the business longer than all the companies we watch offering this, we understand how long an electronic water ionizer will last and what sort of support it requires as it gets older.. and we’ve wondered just how these companies can offer these seemingly ridiculous warranties.

Here in Australia, two US companies have local agents and the local agents are offering ‘lifetime warranties’. It appears that to get agency from the Americans the local agent has had to agree to ‘lifetime’ warranties. In Australia that means that if we say it’s a lifetime warranty, that’s what it is -no matter how long you own a product, or how often it fails, the company or agent agrees to fix it.

We recently had a case of a US buyer finding an UltraStream on Amazon for -far, far below our cost.
He bought it – who wouldn’t – and then discovered it was stolen from us and therefore had no warranty. To add insult to injury the Amazon seller told him that their warranty had ‘run out’.

He appealed to us for help and that was when Cassie discovered what ‘lifetime warranty’ means in the US.
It means your product is under warranty until the vendor stops selling it. So if the vendor brings out a ‘new and improved’ version the next year, your lifetime warranty is finished.

Wow. What a scam.

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