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How long will Molecular Hydrogen Last in Water?

Randy Sharpe is the Director of testing at H2 Analytics and President? CEO at H2 Sciences Inc.

He’s the guy we all ask when there’s a difficult question about how best to take advantage of the many health benefits accruing to Molecular Hydrogen.

Recently he was asked what we can expect in terms of longevity of H2 in water. Of course, this is a very important Q, because even big-name very expensive systems can be very poor at providing the form of output water that holds H2 for any reasonable period

here’s his reply…

The half-life of a substance is the amount of time required for its level or concentration to drop to half of its original value.

This graph shows the half-life for various types of hydrogen water in an open, 500mL beaker as measured using gas chromatography (these values do not apply to closed systems). Notice that, for very high concentrations, the half-life tends to decrease significantly. This is to be expected because higher concentrations will attempt to equilibrate with the atmosphere at a faster rate. This graph also shows the approximate hydrogen concentrations one can expect to see when using the hydrogen water products shown here. Field results among the different products will vary with temperature, altitude, type of water and cycle times.


He didn't include the form of H2 water that the Ultrastream produces. It is an ionizer but it produces far more than an electric water ionizer without using power. . In AquaSciences LLC’s lab test, they tested the SD501 electric ionizer against the UltraStream. Here’s what came out for the Ultrastream.

ultrastreamperformance 3f37d36c97a0fa7b1c8c840163fbf4f8 800

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