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Electrolytes: What are They? Really?

You see them everywhere. In sachets, in tubes, in strawberry and raspberry. But what are they and why are they such a big seller?

Electrolytes are simply alkaline minerals moulded into tablets or sachets are anything else the marketers can do to sell them. Perversely, given their purpose is to alkalize you, many of them contain sugar. And boy! Bought that way they are expensive!

Our Alkaline Booster, AlkaBalance, and AlkaSachets are all electrolyte products.
We just don’t call them that because it doesn’t mean anything to most people. They alkalize and that’s why we call them what we do.

I have a flat teaspoon of Alkaline Booster every morning. I find the relationship between nighttime cramps and Alkaline Booster is hard to argue against.

It tastes good and our new formulation dissolves far better than the old one. So just pass those sexy wrapped ‘Electrolytes’ in the chemist and the supermarket. Our alkaline products are designed for exactly what they do by Erica, our in-house naturopath. Thank you, Erica!

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