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Dr Mark Sircus comes on board the Molecular Hydrogen Bandwagon.

This excellent blog post by Dr Sircus confirms our observation that molecular hydrogen is THE biggest advance in accessible health this century.

Yes, we know that sounds like aggrandizement but we say it because we’ve seen enough of the benefits from the use of the humble H2.

He says (and we agree)

“It is very revealing that it is not the high pH alkaline water that provides health benefits but the molecular hydrogen – but only if the ionizer electrodes are brand new or perfectly free of scale and you drink the water right away. Otherwise, the H2 will outgas quite quickly. In other words, the hydroxide ion (OH-) is NOT responsible for most of the positive effects observed when drinking alkaline ionized water. The active antioxidant is dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2). The highest quality lower cost ionizer from a reputable company offers a sizable discount if you mention who referred you.

Not all ionizers make sufficient H2 to be considered even “low level,” in terms of hydrogen concentration,  as the electrolytic plates become scaled or fouled, they stop make H2 completely. Importantly, the ionizer above is one of the few that reverses the electrodes for cleaning whenever the unit has not been used for 6 hours to make sure the hydrogen concentration is constantly as high as possible. Unless ionizers have a self-cleaning feature to prevent scale and impurities from coating the electrolysis plates, the H2 concentration drastically reduces in a short time.  If one is in doubt, it is good to measure the amount of hydrogen with a test kit available from

The molecular hydrogen Foundation says, “The hydrogen gas concentration from water ionizers various significantly from less than 0.05 ppm to over 2.5 ppm depending on source water, flow rate, design, and cleanliness of the electrodes. Importantly alkaline water ionizers were developed decades before it was known of the therapeutic importance of molecular hydrogen, thus these units were optimized for alkaline pH not high dissolved hydrogen concentration. Typically, at normal flow and normal source water the concentration of H2 from an alkaline water ionizer is around 0.1 ppm to 0.7 ppm. By running the water very slowly, these machines may increase the molecular hydrogen concentration.”

This quite amazing video from a doctor is worth looking at. He talks of a product called H2BEV which is a premixed hydrogen enriched water in a bottle. Technology has moved on somewhat from this with both our UltraStream and our I LOVE H2 effervescent tabs.



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