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Does it H2 or does it not? This guy isn’t too sure!

I received an email a few days ago.
I was very interested in the claim it made.
(check the pic)claim

I emailed the advertiser because if there really was something ‘out there’ better than our UltraStream – I wanted to know.
After all, we had submitted it to a huge (and very expensive) testing regimen including a hydrogen test with AquaSciences LLC, which showed the UltraStream providing almost 4 x the H2 of a 00 water ionizer.

Here’s my email.
“Can you show me the details of the hydrogen produced by the XXXXX? I am very interested.”

The answer didn’t take long…
“Hi, Non-electric ionizers do not produce as much molecular hydrogen as electric ionizers do. However you can supplement it with H2XXXXXX tablets, read about it here: http://XXXXXXXXX. The  filtration test results are here: http://XXXXXXXXXX

I responded:
Hi, XXXX, I looked at the results link you gave me and they have no molecular hydrogen report. The ad said the XXXXX is the best hydrogen producer. Can you assist?

I’m still awaiting a reply.
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