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Your Choice for Blood Pressure problems: Beet Juice? or WATER

Yes, Beetroot juice lowers systolic blood pressure

A new study has shown that daily consumption of beetroot juice may significantly reduce systolic blood pressure (BP) in overweight older people. The study, in Nutrition Research, showed that just three weeks of supplementation led to a reduction of systolic BP of 1.3mmHg. 24 participants were randomised to either have beetroot juice concentrate or blackcurrant juice with a 1-week post supplementation phase (week 4). The results showed that beetroot juice concentrate supplementation was associated with beneficial effects on daily systolic BP, however, the benefits ceased if consumption stopped and were only seen if the blood pressure was measured at home, and not when 24hr ambulatory monitoring (ABMP) was used. Beetroot juice contains naturally occurring nitrates, which then convert into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is the body’s vasodilator that optimises circulation to every cell in the body, hence its effect on lowering blood pressure.  This study adds to growing evidence that the nitrates in beetroot have significant health benefits.

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