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Celebrity Chef Pete Evans cops it.

We’ve had quite a long association with Pete Evans.

He actually uses our products every day in the form of our UltraStream So I have learned a few things about him. He’s certainly a guy who leads with his jaw.

I do wonder what all the social media storm against Pete Evans is for.

One thing I have learned is that people are very protective over their knowledge and health and diet is a particularly sensitive issue. I remember another ‘lead with your chin’ lady who wrote a book about veganism, suggesting that broad acre farming was responsible for the ‘ethnic cleansing of many thousands of small animals whose home was naturally in open prarie or paddock. At a press conference a (I assume) vegan jumped out from behind her and hit her in the face with an acid-laced cream pie. Horrible.. but evidence of how aggressive people can be over food choices.

So what were the big objections to Pete Evans’ 2 week trial with Mike Willesee? The comments I bothered to look at came from either Vegans or established dieticians.. and I have to say that the Paleo diet is indeed a challenge to anyone attempting to adhere to the old and now disproven theories of diet we were brought up on.

Experts are Speaking up on Paleo diet

Never mind that very qualified medical professionals like David Perlmutter and cardiologist Dr William Davis (and an increasing number of others) agree with the basics of a no-grain diet. Never mind that Mike Willesee, a man steeped in bad diet and lifestyle emerged from the test wanting to continue. Never mind that Pete Evans may be a bit of a wild card, as I said, leading with his chin.

I see the Paleo Diet situation as akin to the Climate Change Debate. It took time for the established order to understand and respond to the fact that they just could not keep on polluting in the name of progress. The evidence for the Paleo diet is clear, whether you, like the climate denialists, want to nit pick about what he eats on his TV show, or whether fermented nuts are good for you.

Big changes are always accompanied by big resistance. It’s true ona  grand scale as it is on a  small personal scale: we are all inherently scared of change. But if the science is right, there’s a much bigger and (up until now) hidden factor at work here. Our power to think clearly about diet is affected by our addictions – as strong, we are reliably informed – as cocaine. These addictions cause our mood swings, many of our unexplained health problems, and our mental fuzz. They are, simply, sugar and wheat.

I have no issue with anyone expressing themselves. But if I see someone under the influence of drugs I always think I should relate to the person behind the addiction because the addiction is presenting a  false face to the world. The real and perfect person lives somewhere in there, smothered emotionally and mentally as well as physically by a ‘habit’ that has true power over them. It remains to be seen and accepted that people with these addictions cannot help but protest because their ‘reality’ is totally in opposition to removing the sources of their addiction.

A ‘Pete Evans Challenge’

I’d like to lay down a challenge to the people with the most heat with Pete Evans. Go here, and I’ll hold our online Alkaline Paleo Course open and free for now (normally $95). Put yourself through our New Alkaline Diet and Defence Program.
Expose yourself to some theories you may disagree with.
Argue with us; we have a forum for that purpose.
But try us out.

I can only say that like Pete Evans I have come to a clearer mind, better daylong energy, and a greater than ever appreciation of food without bread/sugar driven eating rampages.

That old saying ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ seems apt here. Pete Evans, I admit, isn’t the ideal messenger. But the message is what it’s all about, is it not?

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