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A Boy or a Girl? Is the choice this simple?

This scientific study from Japan suggests that if temperatures are warmer, there’s a higher possibility of a baby being female. So.. does that mean that with climate change and global warming we are entering the era of the Goddess?

Reading this reading the report I’m reminded of a comment by my old friend and colleague Korean born scientist and alkaline pioneer, Sang Whang. He said that in Korea, certain foods are seen as supportive of a male birth, while others support a female birth. Their whole food system, as many readers would know, is based on the concept of ‘warming’ and ‘cooling’ foods. I don’t know enough to say, but I’m guessing those ‘cooling’ foods would be our alkaline producing foods!

What I can say about having a baby is that your growing babe within is dragging all the alkaline minerals he or she can from you to build a good strong skeleton. So morning sickness can be seen as acidosis. We’ve had many clients over the years swear that drinking our water dismissed the bad morning problem. With what we now know about the power of molecular hydrogen we can reasonably assume that as well as delivering essential alkaline minerals to replace those stolen by your babe, H2’s abilities as an anti inflammatory, antioxidant and metabolic supercharger must have something to do with he happy pregnancies we hear about.

How to get alkaline minerals and the power of molecular hydrogen in your daily water.

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