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Am I reading right? Is this from an alkaline diet site?

OK, I admit it. I have changed my view of the alkaline diet drastically. I still believe we need to alkalize but the things I see and hear from alkaline diet practitioners sometimes leaves me gasping. Now before giving you the latest one, let me just fill in those new readers. I was vegetarian for 14 years. I have advanced osteoporosis at age 67 and I do indeed blame my vegetarian choices. I am now alkaline paleo, and if you’d like to understand more about that, check out Cassie’s blog at But here’s just one thing that changed with my diet change.

I had been the original ‘Hungry Ghost’ as the buddhists call it. I would eat. and eat.. and eat.. and snack.. and snack.. and snack. Now if you were to substitute the subject of my cravings from food to liquor, it’d be understandable. But now I simply don’t do it. I eat less, I enjoy it more, and when I have finished, I’ve finished. Why? Because I have broken my carb and sugar dependence…a serious and as yet unrecognized state of addiction.

Now here’s the quote I was stunned by. It came from a company promoting alkaline diet. And as far as I’m concerned, a diet that needs this advice hasn’t come to grips with sugar and carb addiction.

“It’s always good to pack an extra banana, apple, and packets of trail mix for the 10 am and 3 pm cravings.  If possible, spend a couple of hours on Sunday going to the grocery store and pre-planning your week’s meals, which will help you prepare healthy foods and snacks for your week.”

….And “support” your cravings with trail mix (concentrated fructose and fruit, also fructose? Hello? Anyone home?

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