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Acid Base Balance and my skeleton

Dr Lynda Frassetto has been in alkaline diet and water pages all over the web for years, based on one important study she completed years ago.

Today I discovered a newly uploaded version that reiterates her basic theory; that modern man has lost the ability to maintain a healthy acid-base metabolism.

Heres the link, and here’s the most relevant excerpts from her abstract. It’s a pretty clear endorsement of the alkaline diet!

‘We propose that reducing the net acid load from the diet is not sufficient to reverse age related osteoporosis because it fails to supply base needed to restore the large amount of base in bone that had been lost by reacting with the net acid load of the diet that had been consumed for years or decades. Reducing the net acid load from the diet might be expected to have little ameliorative effect or merely slow the progression of the disorder. We hypothesize that both to restore osteoporotic bone to, or nearly to, its pre-disease state, as well as to eliminate the risk of fragility fractures, requires consuming diets that produce net amounts of base to restore the base lost from years to decades of consuming diets that produce net amounts of acid. We hypothesize also that the excess base and attendant subclinical metabolic alkalosis will both stimulate the cellular process of bone formation and suppress the cellular process of bone resorption, and thereby implement the restorative process.’

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