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A Wakeup call for Men’s Health Awareness

-With a thank you to Dan Meredith.
(Ian: I have pondered the ‘why’ of men’s attitude to health for years as men accompany their wives like naughty puppies into our office. They stand apart, cross their arms, throw red herrings.. everything except admit they are actually scared s___less of losing health.)

danMYou, and you alone – are the most important thing in your world.

Sound like an ass don’t I?

But let me explain:

Lets just say you’re single, no commitments, no debts – great right?

So you’re telling me you don’t want to live very long? Or look like rubbish?

Or maybe you feel like death from the moment you drag your exhausted carcass out of bed and mainline a triple espresso to get started?

Perhaps you have a partner, family or someone you care for and support?

If you’re not looking after yourself – how on earth do you expect to look after them?!

That’s right – you can’t.

Which is why your health.
Your fitness.
Your wellbeing
Your happiness
Your time
Have to be one of the FIRST things that you need to consider, end of.

Once you look after #1?

You can look after #2, #3, #4 and so on.

So it’s pretty simple. After you have woken up – you make YOU a priority first thing.

Now is not the time to explain specifically what to do for the above in a few other posts, but for now – just start getting your head in the right frame of mind.


Short one today, but really is something  we have to consider. I help support the care of my disabled sister – If I can I make money – no one else is going to pay for it.

Which is why, after nearly making myself very ill through stress, poor lifestyle choices and lack of exercise I now make sure that I look after number one – so I can help everyone else.

Also known as the ‘secure your own oxygen mask first’ philosophy’

I think I hammered that one home….

Ian: Thank you Dan!


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