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$9 Billion reasons to care for your own health

lillyThe Telegraph reports that the Japanese firm Takeda and Eli Lilly have been fined $9 billion dollars over claims they concealed cancer risks associated with a diabetes drug.

The case centred on diabetes patient Terrence Allen, who developed bladder cancer in 2011 and had been taking Takeda’s drug since 2004.

Mr Allen claimed Takeda knew of the link between the drug and bladder cancer for years before disclosing it to the healthcare industry. The drug’s label was updated in 2011 to warn of an “increased risk of bladder cancer”.

Ian: I have been reading reports of concealment and malpractice by Big Pharma for as long as I have been in the business here, but never something with a result as big as this. The fact that diabetes can be ameliorated or healed with correct diet and water just doesn’t get the press it deserves, yet the proof is out there. We have been talking about the caves at Nordenau in West Germany where people have been coming to partake for years. A Japanses resarch team found that the effect of the water from the caves on diabetes came from the infused hydrogen in the water.

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