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Fluoride levels reduced in the USA

After years of sorting through and responding to 19,000 public comments, the US government announced on Monday that it will lower the recommended amount of fluoride added to drinking water. This is the first time this will have happened in more than 50 years and will benefit the 75% of Americans that currently get fluoridated water.

In the UK, Fluoride Free Bedford, have produced a new 50-minute documentary called Toxic Tap Water depicting Bedford citizens’ fight to keep fluoride out of the borough’s water supplies.

Producer and director, Anna Bragga, says,
“Toxic Tap Water goes to the heart of Bedford’s battle against water fluoridation, bringing vivid sounds and imagery of the campaign into private living rooms for the first time.  Although a low budget film, Toxic Tap Water packs a punch due to the emotive nature of the subject and the passion and commitment of campaigners.” Co-ordinator and spokesperson for Fluordie Free Bedford, Cynthia Bagchi, says, “I hope the film will help activists and awaken those who are asleep, unaware of the tsunami approaching – the push for water fluoridation.”

Meanwhile locally, our sister shires of Ballina and Lismore are about to have the switch thrown for flouridated water. We’ve had a steady stream of people coming into AlkaWay offices asking how to get rid of it.

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