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Hand sanitizer and asking for a receipt has WHAT relationship?

A new study shows that using hand sanitizer (and other skin products) before handling receipts increases BPA absorption by as much as 185 times and leads to BPA levels associated with obesity, diabetes, CVD, infertility, and cancer. Imagine the following scenarios: You go to the gas station and fill up your tank. You use the […]

Test before you Invest. Your water may NOT be Suitable for an Electronic Water Ionizer.

We are glad to be selling a natural water Ionizer like the UltraStream. We sold electronic units for 12 years, (since 2000) and only when the Australian water supply (in the last few years) began to increase calcium levels, did we recognise the problem inherent in the design of the electronic system. An electronic water […]

5 Reasons To Begin Today on the New Alkaline Diet

In our experience, most people don’t actually ‘get’ what the ‘Old’ Alkaline Diet is all about, so ask us why should they start the ‘New’ Alkaline Diet? The ‘old’ alkaline diet declared that if we change our eating habits to consume 80% of our foods based on these foods’ ability to create an alkaline response in […]

My story by Ian

I was asked today for ‘my story’ by the lady looking after our Facebook. She asked me what prompted me to begin my alkaline journey. It was something very male and uninspiring. I was introduced to my first water ionizer. It was a Jupiter Mavello, and a good friend brought it to our home. I […]

Oxygen or Hydrogen

Oh Boy, our clients are on the ball! David responded to our HealtheMail video below with this comment: “Now you have me confused. On the one hand you push hydrogen and the great energy engine but now I see a push for oxygen for energy. Which is what?” Yes, David, you are SO right, and […]

The really nasty Mutagen X in our water.

Chloramine is the cheap alternative to chlorine now used in hundreds of water supplies. It has ‘sneaked in’ with authorities fully aware that if consumers knew the truth of it, they would be demonstrating in the streets. At the retail side, you just don’t see it mentioned on retail water filter cartons. Why is this? […]

Another great recipe for your New Alkaline Diet

Riceless Chinese Cauliflower Fried Rice When you drop the grains addiction you look around for alternatives. One great alternative we’ve managed to make into or use in many dishes is the humble yet alkaline cauliflower. mashed with grassfed butter it’s BETTER than mashed potato, and in this recipe we use it instead of rice.Ingredients   […]

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