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Much as we enjoy selling you anti-heavy metal water filters, we still live on this planet!

Fracking plays active role in generating toxic metal wastewater. The production of hazardous wastewater in hydraulic fracturing is assumed to be partly due to chemicals introduced into injected freshwater when it mixes with highly saline brine naturally present in the rock. But a Dartmouth study investigating the toxic metal barium in fracking wastewater finds that […]

Is your medical procedure necessary?

What if millions of medical diagnoses, procedures, and treatments were based on, at best, questionable scientific evidence, but still performed daily, the world over, in the name of saving patients lives or reducing their suffering? A new JAMA review indicates this may be exactly what is happening.    A disturbing new review published in JAMA online about overuse of […]

Are you on Warfarin?

This report came in just yesterday on the possible danger of taking Warfarin.   “Emergency physicians might want to check to see if patients with diabetes who come into the hospital after falls or other events are taking warfarin. People who take this common drug for type 2 diabetes may be at risk for serious […]

Avocado Shampoo? Really?

We eat a lot of avocados, surrounded as we are by orchards.  We LOVE them and we love the fact that they are a good saturated fat, even though we still question how some people think they are alkaline. But we always wonder what to do with the seeds. If they go into the compost […]

Snowflakes and Dr Masaru Emoto’s images.

Some years ago we paid Dr Masaru Emoto $5000 to create a water crystal pic from our AlkaWay water ionizer’s water. He did it and it sold us perhaps thousands of ionizers. But when I finally met him and discussed his methodology… er… well… Apparently he would take a water sample and create 100 samples, […]

Cauliflower reborn: A great anti inflammation recipe!

An all natural cauliflower cutlet recipe that can stop inflammation. Usually a “cutlet” refers to a piece of meat. In this recipe, cauliflower is the hero – this meaty vegetable is part of the cruciferous family, but unlike its green cousins (broccoli, cabbage, kale) the humble cauliflower lacks chlorophyll. But what it lacks in green, it makes […]

A new scientific study of oral H2

A new scientific study of oral H2 shows that it may be a good way to alleviate opioid-induced pain and also a little-known pain caused by light touch, called mechanical allodynia. It is just one more of the more than 500 studies (and growing fast) on the effects of molecular hydrogen as a therapy. Here’s […]

Cancer? UK is the place to be.

UK cost of cancer drugs one of the lowest in Europe Compared to other high-income countries, the UK pays less for cancer drugs, according to a report in the Lancet journal. Germany, Sweden and Switzerland pay the most for the same drugs. The price of cancer drugs has risen sharply in recent years — accounting […]

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