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Meditation and Dementia

This report comes from carers of dementia patients who took their charges through a series of ‘mindfulness’ or meditation exercises. Guess what? (No surprise for old meditators, I know!) They got happier. I’ve posted the news on our record smashing Youtube video about my brush with Alzheimers – with now over 200,000 views. Those who’ve […]

Inflammation? Stress fracture? No worries!

Few people realised when 51 year old Geraldine Finnegan ascended the winner’s podium in Istanbul today that  that she had won with a stress fracture. Even fewer knew that she had taken a (perfectly legal) hydrogen supplement. A happy lady! Asked how she felt after the win, Geraldine said “Brilliant! Full of energy and life bubbling […]

Can H2 Water assist us to slow bone loss?

This scientific study of rats says so. yes, of course, it’s rats, not humans, but as a recovering Osteoporosis sufferer, I looked twice when Isaw this study. Do I wait until there’s a double blind randomised study by a Big Pharma or do I just keep drinking my UltraStream H2 water. No contest really! Here’s […]

UltraStream Water for great sourdough?

David Thompson wrote to us yesterday. “I bake a sourdough rye bread occasionally in a Breville bread maker and I have noticed a big difference between neutral and alkaline ph water. With neutral water the dough does not mix well and needs a little more water. But the low level alkaline water makes a great […]

The 5 best foods anti-inflammation foods.

Inflammation is your body’s response to injury, infection, allergies, stress or chronic disease. A certain level of inflammation is necessary and helpful, in order for your body to overcome these conditions. Problems arise when the inflammation becomes excessive or continues for too long. Chronic inflammation greatly contributes to fatigue, pain, low mood and an inability […]

As if being Obese wasn’t enough of a problem..

Obesity, as we know, creates all sorts of problems.  But now there’s a new one! Dementia. Science Daily reports: “Early to mid-life obesity appears to be linked to heightened risk of dementia in later life, researchers report. There is a threefold risk for those with severe obesity in their 30s, the observational study indicates.  But […]

Are all acids bad for us? Malic Acid challenges the Alkaline Diet.

Malic Acid: The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia connection  One of its most significant benefits lies in its ability to stimulate metabolism and increase energy production. This action is linked to the important role it plays in a process known as the Krebs cycle – named after Sir Hans Krebs, a German-born British biochemist. Krebs […]

Why does Ionized Water seem to absorb so much better?

Over the years I have had thousands of people tell me that they love the way our water seems to ‘slip down’ or ‘not bloat’. When asked why I have resorted to what my supplier told me: that it’s the microclustering, making it ‘smaller’ water. So what do i say now that the microclustering theory […]

Ian’s latest Walkabout… er.. sitabout.. with Cassie

Today we are at AlkaWay talking about urine tests and pH balance… and why you may still have acidic urine even though you are drinking alkaline water from the UltraStream – or any other water ionizer. Urine pH is a multifaceted question and you can’t simply expect it to change just because you eat broccoli […]

The Untold Truth about GERD

If you regularly suffer the misery of indigestion, then the chances are you have acid reflux — that’s when stomach acid leaks back up into the tube between your mouth and stomach. Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) occurs when the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach fails to work properly. It’s a  problem. About 10 […]

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