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An excellent post from here 10 Pictures of Your Daily Recommended Servings of Fruits & Vegetables What’s the most important part of a nutritious diet? Most of us can automatically recite the answer: Fruits and vegetables. And yet it can be tough to eat the daily recommended amount of produce, and most of us simply don’t. […]

10 simple ways to reduce fluoride in your life

If you’re using a fluoridated toothpaste, consider switching to a non-fluoridated alternative (which you can find at most health food stores). Young children, who don’t have well developed swallowing-reflexes, often swallow a lot of toothpaste when brushing, which can cause disfiguring dental fluorosis and contribute greatly to total systemic intake. Also, even when the toothpaste […]

How to eat, exercise and live.

How long should you take to consume a healthy meal, once you discover that perfect diet? How long does should you take to chew a cup of broccoli or a bunch of raw kale so that it’s  soft enough to digest? How many minutes every day do we need to spend to be healthy, fit, and […]

Are you drinking enough Water? 

“How much water should I drink each day?” is one of the most popular Google search terms in the world. Unfortunately there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to hydration. Aside from helping digestion and absorption of food, water regulates body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells and removes toxins and other […]

Lemon and Greens

We use lemon on almost everything. It’s so important to us that even when lemons are out of season we still buy the expensive imported ones. But WHY is lemon so good on greens? When we lived in Italy it was normal for every meal to be accompanied with lemons. As normal as a side […]

Another study of kids getting dumb and dumber with fluoride!

A new pilot study of Chinese children concludes that the study… “…supports the notion that fluoride in drinking water may produce developmental neurotoxicity, and that the dose-dependence underlying this relationship needs to be characterized in detail.” 51 children were used in the study and the researchers used the fluoride concentration in morning urine after an exposure-free […]

happy Christmas to our alkaline friends!

Another hot Christmas in Australia, while our US AlkaWay team is saying yes to long needed rain and our UK team is freezing in classic UK sleet. I think you’ll enjoy this amazing ad for Christmas. Happy Christmas everyone from the AlkaWay Australia team!

Are we happy yet?

This new device measured our breathing patterns to tell us when we are stressed, and when we stop stressing. Hmmm.. What do you think?

What happens if you drink ten Cokes a day? Drinking sugar: an experiment.

“Here’s what I plan to do:  I’m going to follow my normal diet and activity program, but I’m going to make one simple change: I’m also going to drink ten Cokes a day. I got a complete physical before I began, so I’ll know where my my numbers are for blood sugar, inflammation levels, cholesterol, […]

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