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The End of Medicine as we know it?

Are we facing the end of modern medicine?  That’s certainly what Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), famously predicted recently… She finally admitted that antibiotics have been so over-used that they’re now almost completely useless against ‘super strains’ of bacterial infection. We’ve also heard warnings from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally […]

Alzheimers and Sunlight. The link.

Ok, it isn’t to do with hydrogen or water. ……. But, very interesting.  And great justification to spend more time at the beach. Erica, our inhouse Naturopath saw this on ScienceDaily: Link between vitamin D, dementia risk confirmed  Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in older people, according […]

Rots your Tooth Enamel in THIRTY SECONDS

New Australian research should wean you off Coke forever. But.. will it? Here’s the link. And here’s the quote to end all quotes on the subject: “Our research has shown that permanent damage to the tooth enamel will occur within the first 30 seconds of high acidity coming into contact with the teeth. This is […]

You think YOU have water problems? Check this poor guy’s story!

Have been in my home 20 years, state water lab tests a few times over the years have shown no issues with well water. No problems with odors, taste, staining of laundry or appliances. 4″ drilled to depth of 57 feet, constructed in 1985. Last October we had all of the old copper pipes (60 yr old stuff) […]

Hand Wash Solution.. or Good old Soap?

We’ve been saying for a long-time that overusing antibacterial compounds (in soaps, hand sanitizers, and other consumer products) was a bad idea. Not only do they breed super-bacteria that can’t be killed as easily, do nothing against viruses, and kill helpful ‘nonpathogenic’ bacteria, but a 2005 FDA paper highlighted that it has found “no medical studies that […]

Juice: how much is enough?

I recently had a very interesting talk with a doctor friend. He had a patient he’s known for years call him up and tell him he had terrible gout. Dr Gerry asked him what he’d done differently, and he said he’s bought a  juicer based on the amazing health benefits promised on a cable TV […]

Pesticides. We get asked about them in your water – often!

QUESTION: 1. Are pesticides a serious problem in our drinking waters? 2. Are there systems that can remove them? ANSWER: 1. Sometimes. 2. Yes. What are pesticides? The legal definition of ‘‘pesticide’’ is: (1) any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest; (2) any substance or mixture of substances […]

So you think YOU have bank problems?

We love this. Cassie is our Support Manager ad has been on a fast learning curve in how to best serve our customers. It’s not always easy, because some customers are seriously in ‘victim’ mode and don’t seem to appreciate being treated well. They are so ready to jump down her throat that they can’t […]

Demand Destruction: could this be the end of electronic water ionizers?

I just finished a very interesting article about Radio Shack, the supply-it-all gadget source for so many years. It’s dying for one simple reason; the new cell phone has stolen all its functions. All its funky little gadgets it once sold truckloads of  have been subsumed by an i-Phone app. Now there’s a term that […]

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