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Alex Tarnava is the inventor of the most disruptive technology to hit the alkaline ionized water market in at least 20 years.In this post I'm going to share an excellent article he just wrote about his H2 tablets vs. electric water ionizers, exposing the flim flam claims used by the vendors of these machines. He continues to prove that his unique patented formula of H2 producing tablets are real 'giant slayers' because they give you access to the benefits of molecular hydrogen without the sales pitch or the many thousands of dollars demanded by existing companies.

But first.. a few words about where I stand.

For the past 20 years we've seen the use of multilevel marketing to sell expensive and outdated technology in the form of water electrolysers, aka water ionizers aka water alkalizers.

One company sells more than all the other companies combined, and guess what? It's the MLM one. MLM, in my opinion, relies less on the true value of the product that the perceived value of the get-rich-quick response in the potential buyer.

This message I received only a few days ago is typical of the approach taken by MLM sellers.

"Not TOO late Ian. Join me my friend & make a REAL difference in the POCKETS of people, NOT only their health. Like a brilliant marketer once said: EVEN if my product has drawbacks, ALL these so-called drawbacks are MORE THAN covered by the increase of income that people experience in their lives that make a huge difference…even in their health! SOOO TRUE!

As you can see, there's very little about the relative merits of the product he is trying to sell to me and lots about money and scarcity.

Here's the link to Alex's article.

(BTW, Alex's tablets are available from us here. I use them every day in conjunction with our ultrapure naturally alkaline water from our own invention, the AlkaWay UltraStream.)

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