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ULTRA I Love H2  – Half price!  last chance to buy – Sorry sold out.

Our original I Love H2 is still available… Follow this link…  I Love H2

ULTRA I Love H2 sports supplement gives you more H2 per tablet in a glass of water. It has a more H2-rich formula than our highly respected I Love H2 Molecular hydrogen tablets.

Gives you more H2 per tablet and without the need for a bottle. Simply drop the ULTRA I Love H2 tablet into a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve, then drink.

Concentrated formula results in water with a higher level of infused molecular hydrogen than our original product, I Love H2. It infuses Hydrogen at up to 4.0 mg/l compared with I Love H2 at up to 1.2 mg/l. That’s almost four times the H2 concentration.

60 tablets per bottle. One tablet per day recommended. Short dated Expiry: 6/2020

Half price sale – last chance to buy.

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ULTRA I Love H2 is a unique supplement that infuses water with molecular hydrogen – unlike any other.H2


Unlike the vast numbers of conventional supplements, our ULTRA I love H2 is a hydrogen (H2) supplement, producing hydrogen-infused water.

Hydrogen in it’s simplest form is a single molecule. The size of the hydrogen molecule is hard to comprehend, but it is the smallest molecule in the known universe (Think: an ant in the Grand Canyon!).

The size gives it its unique abilities. Hydrogen can freely pass through any part of the body, even bones. When it enters the body it can flow all around the body and even up into the brain. Because it is so small it can easily leave your body, leaving nothing behind. The way it works is that it only acts when it meets a molecule in the body that it can unite with. One example is the dreaded hydroxyl radical: the radical that can wreak damage on our DNA.

We supply I Love H2 and now ULTRA I Love H2 as sports supplements.

And PLEASE! Tell us about your experience!

We also strongly suggest you read more about the amazing power of molecular hydrogen. There are 1000+ independent scientific studies from the Molecular 


Hydrogen Institute. Below is a list of some of the studies that can be found in the Molecular Hydrogen Institute link.

Brain Cancer
Eye & Ear
Human Studies
Registered Clinical Trials
Hydrogen (H2) Review Articles
Hydrogen Chemistry/Physics
Ischemia/Reperfusion Injuries
Lung & Other Organs
Metabolic Syndrome
Pain and Others
Sepsis, Gastritis, Intestine
Skin and Radiation
Spine and Pancreas
and more…

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19 reviews for ULTRA I Love H2

  1. tammy wildenberg (verified owner)

  2. Jasmin Hayek (verified owner)

    Very good thank you

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Steve (verified owner)

    Early days, but product was delivered super fast.

  5. Andy Dever (verified owner)

  6. Jacqueline C. (verified owner)

    Great, don’t want to live without!

  7. Greg Howell (verified owner)

  8. Jasmin (verified owner)

  9. Montana S. (verified owner)

    Prompt efficient service throughout the whole process. Love this product. Will be a repeat customer x

  10. Joanne Monger (verified owner)

  11. Phillip T. (verified owner)

    Have been feeling a tingling surge throughout my body as though I had being mediating

  12. Denis L. (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, and a bonus glass bottle too!

  14. Alex Lovets (verified owner)

  15. Vanessa (verified owner)

  16. Angela A. (verified owner)

    I just started using this, so I can’t give a ton of feedback yet. It seems refreshing- I mix it with alkaline water in a 10 oz glass bottle. I will have to review again later on the results, as it is too soon to tell if it works. The order process was easy, and I received my product quickly, and in good condition.

  17. Anne (verified owner)

    Great products, great company

  18. Jarmila T. (verified owner)

    Great product, smooth service! Thank you!

  19. Barb W. (store manager)

    Hi, all at AlkaWay,

    Recently I suffered a head injury which resulted in 10 stitches to a large wound at the back of my head and a subarachnoid haemorrhage in my brain. I spent 3 days in hospital after which my naturopath strongly recommended that I take Alkaway Alkaline Booster and Alkaway Ultra H2 to boost my recovery. When I took the first dose I noticed that within about 10 to 15 minutes that the heaviness in my head abated and my energy levels lifted. I continued to take the supplements for about 4 days and was feeling better so I ceased. About a week later I had to drive to a medical appointment which was quite a distance from my home. An hour each way. I wasn’t keen to drive that far however it was an important appointment so I pushed through. By the time I arrived home I had a thumping headache and I was totally exhausted. I was considering taking some pain killers and having a lay down when I spotted the supplements on my kitchen bench and thought maybe I should have a dose of the supplements as well. I took my dose of that supplements and noticed, and was quite astounded, that within 10 minutes the headache had passed and I was feeling energised. Wow. I did not need to take the pain killers and I did not need a sleep. In fact, I was able to get on with my day. I vacuumed my home, I cleaned my fridge got the washing off the line and went for a lovely walk in the evening.

    Thank you AlkaWay. You have a new fan.
    Many thanks to your team.

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