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Chinese Products branded as safe found to contain asbestos

This report from ABC News discusses a serious case of product safety, which is described by Peter Tighe, CEO of a safety organisation as … “an emerging problem and it seems to be growing exponentially, as more and more products are brought into Australia, because of the wind-down of manufacturing in this country,” he said. […]

Dr Mark Sircus comes on board the Molecular Hydrogen Bandwagon.

This excellent blog post by Dr Sircus confirms our observation that molecular hydrogen is THE biggest advance in accessible health this century. Yes, we know that sounds like aggrandizement but we say it because we’ve seen enough of the benefits from the use of the humble H2. He says (and we agree) “It is very […]

Inflammation Control in a Glass.

How do you set yourself up for the day? A natural alkaline ‘shot’. I love to get up early, a bit of yoga, meditation without fail, a shower, a healthy paleo breakfast,and then out the door. Sound familiar?I think my morning routine is already exceptional. But I have a mighty elixir that compliments my regimen […]

The ClearSkin Diet.

Jeff Behar, MS MBA wrote this and we think it’s worth sharing. The ClearSkin Diet Jeff classifies water as a food, and we agree. In fact it’s the one absolutely skin indispensible food. Group 1 – Water! Understandably water is not a ‘food group’ but it is put first for a very good reason. Your body is 60% […]

pH Reagent vs. pH Test strips

pH TESTING TIP. If you’ve ever used pH strips.. then used liquid pH reagent, you’ll now that the strips seem to read lower than the reagent when used to measure alkaline water.   We’d have people calling us up to tell us their AlkaWay system wasn’t measuring up.. and eventually we got it! They were […]

How are YOU alkalizing? Baking Soda? Really?

Yes, Baking Soda will alkalize. So why should I buy a water ionizer? When someone is trying to sell you a $4000 water ionizer, here’sa  simple question that will throw them right off their pitch. Here’s a sampling of what you may hear in response. “Too much baking soda isn’t good for you” “Too many side […]

Tyler LeBaron lectures on Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Water.

Tyler LeBaron has become the #1 source of information on hydrogen rich water. This talk, given to the Age Management Medicine Conference in November 2015 shows just how far he has come.Tyler also established the Molecular hydrogen Foundation last year, a non-profit organisation of the best scientific minds from around the world. To keep up […]

Another Use for Alkaline Water

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo likes to freeze her face – but with ice instead of Botox. The 46-year-old actress has always felt she looks younger than she is, but in recent years she’s started to see a difference in her skin. Ellen feared her face was getting saggy so she has adopted a technique […]

Thank You Aldi!

Forbes magazine has recently reported that Aldi is not only planning to expand their natural food selection, but also replace the confectionery at the checkout, designed to tempt customers while they wait, with healthier items. This could be brilliant news for lower-income shoppers if the supermarket attaches their usual affordable price tag to the new products. On […]

Molecular Hydrogen Water test results for Diabetes

In 4 of 6 patients with IGT, intake of molecular hydrogen-rich water normalized the oral glucose tolerance test. Wow. As you know we’re keeping up with all the new published studies on the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen, similar to that produced by our UltraStream. This study looks great for the future of H2 for […]

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