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By Ian Hamilton

What’s in your swimming pool?

What’s really in the water at the community swimming pool? Summertime, especially if you live in a hot region means that  a swimming pool becomes a boon and a lifesaver when the temperature soars. It’s a

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The Kangen ‘Story’

One can’t help be impressed with the Kangen success story. Every would-be dealer talks about how many they have sold, how many millions they have turned over, and (of course), how much better they are

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More Bad News about US water

Crystal City water crisis? Water contamination is becoming a far too common occurrence in the USA. First there was Flint and now there’s Crystal City. Recently Crystal City residents took to social media to share horrifying

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Molecular Hydrogen Update: Arthritis.

We are receiving some amazing stories from molecular hydrogen users regularly now. After watching this very short video, here’s a link to a study of the effects of hydrogen water on arthritis. Here’s a link to

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