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What’s in your swimming pool?

What’s really in the water at the community swimming pool? Summertime, especially if you live in a hot region means that  a swimming pool becomes a boon and a lifesaver when the temperature soars. It’s a refreshing way to keep cool on a hot day, and a good swim gives us the chance for some healthy […]

The Good News of coffee Consumption.. and the Bad, Bad News.

First.. the Good News about drinking Coffee. The benefits of coffee consumption have long been questioned, but now a new group of experts have given it the thumbs up – at least for one issue. A review of studies published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics says that increasing coffee intake could help reduce the chances […]

The Kangen ‘Story’

One can’t help be impressed with the Kangen success story. Every would-be dealer talks about how many they have sold, how many millions they have turned over, and (of course), how much better they are than anything else on the market. The Kangen company began in the US a few years after we began in […]

More Bad News about US water

Crystal City water crisis? Water contamination is becoming a far too common occurrence in the USA. First there was Flint and now there’s Crystal City. Recently Crystal City residents took to social media to share horrifying images of the dark-coloured water coming from their taps. Some residents even compared the sludge to oil, it was so […]

Uranium in your drinking water? Possibly.

All over western United States, notices are springing up. Uranium, the notices warn, tests at levels considered unsafe by federal and state standards.   The notices say you can drink the water — but drink the water over a period of time, and you can get cancer. USGS researchers recently sampled 170 domestic water wells in […]

A Phlebotomist’s View of alkaline water and Blood pH

As always, we are presenting this as informational only. We do not agree nor disagree with the good doctor and ask you to check with your own doctor before undertaking any change of diet for health reasons.  The following is a transcript from a video by Dr George McDermott, Phlebotomist (Blood specialist) “Hello ladies and […]

Alkaline Dieters take note; How to finally get over carb cravings.

How to end carb cravings … FINALLY!   I don’t think there’s anyone on earth that has escaped suffering the intensity of carb cravings. The bread basket at the restaurant just sits there openly seducing you. That load of pasta that was supposed to feed eight has mysteriously .. gone! The chips machine at work whispers […]

Molecular Hydrogen Update: Arthritis.

We are receiving some amazing stories from molecular hydrogen users regularly now. After watching this very short video, here’s a link to a study of the effects of hydrogen water on arthritis. Here’s a link to the I LOVE H2 tablets that create high concentrations of H2 in water. Here’s a link to the UltraStream water […]